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Padmini Chettur (Chennai, India)
performance, workshop, conversation, adda
1 to 5 March 2018

Thursday, 1 March
Adda with Padmini Chettur in collaboration with Emami Art (free entry)
Kolkata Centre for Creativity
Sunday, 4 March
Beautiful Thing 2
Gem Cinema (map)
(passes will go on sale online in the second week of February)
Monday, 5 March
Workshop with Padmini Chettur *
Workshop Host: Ananda Shankar Centre for the Performing Arts (map)
10am to 2pm
Monday, 5 March
Conversation Series: Padmini Chettur with Trina Nileena Banerjee
Gem Cinema (map)

Passes for performances will go on sale in mid-February
* by prior registration / invitation only. 
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Beautiful Thing 2
Beautiful Thing 2 positions the body almost as an architectural object in an empty stage. It draws upon time as a powerful strategy in the very dramaturgy of presence. The performance prescribes nine ‘lines’ in space. The physicality of the body becomes abstracted over time, till the space it holds and moves becomes more present. The performance constantly vacillates between ‘performing’ and ‘not performing’. In moments, it foregrounds the body’s potential to grow in space, and in others for its capacity to dissolves into space. It meticulously deconstructs and presents the study of movement mechanics until we are forced to ask the question ‘what is dance?’

“It has always been the potential of dance to place the body at the centre of its discourse, that has fuelled my research and processes. The famous statement of my teacher and mentor Chandralekha – ‘where does the body begin and where does it end?’ – is perhaps today more relevant than ever. We cannot any more reduce the body to being the vehicle for choreographic intention. With Beautiful Thing 2, it is my wish to centralise and essentialise the body, stripping it of unnecessary narrative and embellishment until we see it once again as the most important site of our being.” 

Padmini Chettur

Choreography / Dance: Padmini Chettur
Composition / Saxophones: Maarten Visser
Drums / Percussion: Robert van Hulzen
Light: Niranjan Gokhale
Duration: 60 minutes

About Padmini Chettur

Padmini Chettur began her contemporary dancer’s career in 1990 as a member of the troupe of Chandralekha – the radical Bharatnatyam moderninst choreographer whose own opus dealt primarily with deconstructing the form of Bharatnatyam. Breaking away from Chandralekha’s work in 2001, Padmini formed a practice that shifted the choreographic tradition to a minimalistic language and visually translated philosophical concepts of time and space as they relate to contemporary experience.
From Wings and Masks (1993) till date, throughout her oeuvre there is a deliberate concern with constantly refining form. Deriving vocabularies from phenomenology, cultural studies, insect movements, astronomy, physiotherapy and sports, she has created a taut visual language that exits the narrow bounds of the stage. Her work – highly abstract in nature – is rooted in the cultural fabric of the uniquely engaged dance community of Chennai. During her choreographer’s career ranging over almost two decades, she collaborated with sculptors, light-artists, filmmakers, and sound-artists to realise her choreographic works. As both choreographer and performer, Padmini has forged an overarching creative approach that pulls focus to the form and movement of the body.

Padmini Chettur’s participation in Pickle Factory Season 1 is supported by Emami Art, Sapphire Creations Dance Workshop and Ananda Shankar Centre for the Performing Arts.