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All five of the artists for PF Season 1 will be offering a range of workshops. Some of these are open for registration, while others are in partnership with specific organisations.

Open Workshops
All open workshops are priced at Rs. 500 per participant. Registration is on a first come first served basis, subject to confirmation. 

Wednesday, 7 February: Janis Claxton
Move to Learn: workshop for children in collaboration with Think Arts
Workshop Hosts: Curious Little / Mirror Workshops (map)
3.30pm to 4.30pm: ages 5 to 8
5.30pm to 6.30pm: ages 3 to 5 
How many bananas equal three avocados? This workshop will explore addition and multiplication using movement and rhythm. Children will create movement and maths together, with partners and in groups.
Call 9831039555 / 9831335353 to register.

Sunday, 25 February: Janis Claxton
Dancing In and Out of Contact: an intergenerational workshop in collaboration with Emami Art **
11am to 2pm
A curated workshop for families – grandparents and grandchildren – which will explore ways to engage and communicate through movement, connection and touch. The workshop will be open to all abilities and ages and will be a fun and playful way to share between generations.
Email [email protected] for more information

Monday, 5 March: Padmini Chettur
Workshop Host: Ananda Shankar Centre for the Performing Arts (map)
10am to 2pm
Padmini Chettur explores the idea of giant moving sculptures composed of multiple human bodies. She emphasises an experience beyond the visual impact of the form, of how the rehearsing of this in itself teaches invaluable lessons in space, time and empathy! In Calcutta for Pickle Factory, she will create an original crawlimal responding to the particular bodies and workshop space.
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Saturday, 10 March: Preethi Athreya
In the Realm of the Visual
Workshop Host: DNA Danceworks Bodyworks (map)
10am to 11.30am
For the curious learner as well as the seasoned performer, the idea of seeing and being seen is always a discovery. We know the front-benchers and the back-benchers, just as we know the up-stage and the down-stage politics of story-telling. And we certainly know the centre! However, if we turn the eye to the space left out by the body, we begin to see a completely different narrative. The space becomes a visible aspect of movement and the body becomes a hidden aspect of the space. Based on the idea of making negative spaces visible, this workshop attempts to shift the focus of performance from the body to the space.
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Sunday, 11 March: Kapila Venu
Introduction to Abhinaya in Kootiyattam
Workshop Partner: Natyanova Performing Arts Centre
Workshop Host: Ranan Workspace (map)
10am to 12 noon
This workshop introduces the techniques of abhinaya that is the basis for the form of Kootiyattam.
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Workshops with closed participation

Wednesday, 7 March: Preethi Athreya
Filling an Empty Space: a workshop for children in collaboration with Think Arts **
Age group: 8 to 10
A movement workshop looking at empty spaces around us. How do we fill space? – with music? with movement? with objects? Or do we just let it remain empty? Join Preethi Athreya as she explores these questions.

Thursday, 8 March: Daminee Benny Basu
What Wonder Breaks
: a workshop for Kolkata Sanved **
The human ‘being’ is an instrument that is designed to express. Art is the scope of discovering that infinite freedom in expressing one’s unique truth. There is nothing mystical about it as many practising artists claim, it is an approach, a process, a doable practice. The workshop will be designed like an adventure, the kind of adventure that every human seeks as a child. To discover what stimulates each individual body and its senses and what actually creates inhibitions. What affects expressions and how emotions play obstacles. What flaw creates and what wonder breaks.

Saturday, 10 March: Daminee Benny Basu
The Monster Named Fear / Bhoy Rakkhosh
: workshop for Save the Children
This workshop with children is a fun approach to play with and around different ideas of ‘fear’ that inhibit children from a very young age. This process involves identifying the fear words, talking about them aloud and finding ways to express them using the body and voice. On a certain level this is going to introduce the children to a very basic idea of freedom – to express, and to be – not having to worry about being judged by the world.

Opportunities to meet the artists outside of performance, and encounter the ideas and beliefs that drive their work – addas, lecture-demonstrations, conversations… All these are free entry.

Thursday, 1 March: Talk by Padmini Chettur
Emami Art Gallery
Padmini will deliver a talk on her aesthetic and artistic journey as a thinker-choreographer in the context of her video-work Varnam that forms part of the PF Season 1 exhibition. 

Friday, 9 March: Lec-dem by Kapila Venu
Anita Banerjee Hall, Jadavpur University
The lec-dem aims to give an introduction to the tradition of Kutiyattam and its technical intricacies and musical accompaniment and also to highly stylised and sophisticated yet rustic abhinaya.

Conversations Series
Gem Cinema, 5.30pm
The Pickle Factory has invited each of the festival artists to have a semi-formal / semi-private conversation with an individual based in Calcutta, on a topic or topics of mutual concern and interest. Dance technique, the politics of the body, questions of representation, the actor’s craft, gender issues in the arts, the relevance of tradition… these discussions promise to be rich and engaging. You are welcome to eavesdrop!
* Monday, 5 March: Padmini Chettur with Trina Nileena Banerjee
* Tuesday, 6 March: Preethi Athreya with Manas Acharya
* Friday, 9 March: Kapila Venu with Daminee Benny Basu
* Sunday, 11 March: Daminee Benny Basu with Aveek Sen

Pickle Factory Season 1 workshops and interactions are presented with various partners and hosts. Many thanks to them all!