Pickle Factory Weekend

Pickle Factory Weekends keeps alive our idea of a vibrant venue through weekends of tightly programmed engagements in unusual Calcutta spaces.

Each weekend focuses on a specific concern from the dance world. Curated in close consultation with the participating artists, the weekends feature performances, workshops, discussions, screenings and more. The aim is to enter, understand, critique and support the practice of artists who are trying to shift perceptions and generate fresh discourse around movement-based performance. The weekends will also encourage critical feedback sessions to enable the artists to reflect on and further develop their own work, theories, assumptions and ideas.


The Free Male: negotiating the female in dance
curated by Vandana Alase Hazra with Amrti Khatua and Pritam Das

28 to 30 September 2018
Janus Centre for Visual and Performing Arts
(187 Park Street, Calcutta 700017)

It is popularly claimed that dance is beyond gender and that the ‘dancing body’ is representative of an energy, irrespective of whether male or female. However, the practicing dancer in society can hardly escape his/her identity within the frames of family, friends, sponsors, presenters and so on. With the increasing number of male dancers in the classical Indian dance styles like Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Odissi, it is felt that there is a voice that needs to be heard. This weekend will focus on male dancers in the classical dance arena – their aspirations, experiences and understanding of the body and form that they practice, as well as the systems and organisations in which they find themselves.
Our first Weekend is presented at and in partnership with the newly opened Janus – a centre for performing and visual arts.

Friday, 28 September
6.30pm to 8.30pm: Performances by Amrit (Kathakali) and Pritam (Bharatnatyam) with a post show discussion moderated by Vandana Alase Hazra
Saturday, 29 September
10am to 1pm: Workshop on dance as movement/gesture, and dance as an emotional experience, exploring notions of masculinity and femininity as represented through the human body. Open to performers and non-performers
3pm to 5pm: Screening of film ‘Shall We Dance?’ (Japanese with English subtitles)
6.30pm to 8.30pm: Performances by Amrit (Kathakali) and Pritam (Bharatnatyam) with a post show discussion moderated by Vandana Alase Hazra
Sunday, 30 September
10am to 1pm: Feedback session with dancers and guests

Evening Performance: Rs. 200/-
Workshop: Rs. 300/-
Screening: Rs. 100/-
Combo (one evening performance, workshop, screening): Rs. 400/-
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Limited discounts available for students, including students of dance. These need to be reserved and collected in advance. Discounts will not be available at the venue on the day of the programme.
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