PF Season 1 / Residency – Janis Claxton

Dancing Interventions in Public Spaces
a residency with Janis Claxton (Edinburgh, Scotland)
7 to 25 February 2018

Choreographer Janis Claxton’s highly acclaimed production POP-UP Duets comprises short duets that emerge from ordinary situations in public spaces before both an invited and an accidental audience. The experience is an infectious and unexpected encounter with dance where accidental audiences across demographics respond with surprise, shock, irritation, realisation and finally engaged participation.


The Pickle Factory has invited Janis to import the idea, but not the product, re-imagining it in and for an Indian context working with Indian dancers drawing from the forms they are trained in. Janis will work for two weeks with a group of kathak-trained dancers from Calcutta companies Ranan and Rhythmosaic, introducing them to improvisation and partnering techniques that underlie POP-UP Duets. This exchange between dancers from two completely different contexts, histories, physical understandings and assumptions will hopefully create areas of overlap, friction and discovery that familiarity cannot uncover. Improvisations developed during the period will pop-up in various venues across the city.

“The invitation to re-imagine my process of creating duets within a new and unfamiliar context is almost as terrifying as it is exciting. The work is deeply rooted in specific and detailed processes based in a unique system of partnering improvisation that will be totally new to the Indian dancers. Classical Indian kathak dance is a form totally unfamiliar to me. Together we will share in trainings and use the improvisation processes to allow new material to emerge.”
Janis Claxton

Janis Claxton at PF Season 1

Wednesday, 7 February
Move to Learn: workshop for children in collaboration with Think Arts (more information)
Venue: Curious Little
Time: 3.30pm / 5.30pm
8 to 20 February
Residency with kathak dancers from Ranan and Rhythmosaic 
21 to 25 February
Dancing interventions in public spaces across Calcutta
* Jadavpur University, 21 February, 12 noon to 5pm
* NIFT Campus, 23 February, 2.30pm to 5pm
* Chitpur Road (with Tales of Chitpur), 24 February, 12 noon to 4pm
* Victoria Memorial Hall, 25 February, 3pm to 5pm
Sunday, 25 February
Dancing In and Out of Contact: a workshop for grandparents and grandchildren in collaboration with Emami Art **
Venue: Kolkata Centre for Creativity
Time: 11am to 1pm

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About Janis Claxton
Choreographer Janis Claxton is based in Edinburgh where she is Artistic Director of the multi-award winning contemporary dance company Janis Claxton Dance.  Originally from Australia, Janis works internationally as a choreographer, movement director, teacher and producer. Choreography includes work for Janis Claxton Dance, Beijing Dance/LDTX, Scottish Opera, National Dance Company of Wales, Dantzaz Contemporary Dance Company, Beijing Dance Academy, DPAC (Malaysia), and more. Movement Directing includes work for Lung Ha, Grid Iron, Back to Back Theatre and Sichuan People’s Art Theatre. As a teacher, Janis has worked for 30 years in many countries in professional, community and educational dance settings including for Scottish Dance Theatre, Skanes Dance Theatre (Sweden), Dance Academy Arnhem, London School of Contemporary Dance, University of NSW, Beijing Dance Academy, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and many more.
Janis Claxton Dance has received support from Creative Scotland, Scottish Government and British Council.

Janis Claxton’s participation in Pickle Factory Season 1 is supported by British Council, Creative Scotland, Scottish Government, Janis Claxton Dance, Ranan, Rhythmosaic, Think Arts, Emami Art, Jadavpur University, Hamdasti, Victoria Memorial Hall, and National Institute of Fashion Technology.