Special Workshops

Melissa Robertson


The creative life began for Melissa Robertson in Melbourne. She learned the complexities of the industry from admin positions at Handspan Theatre, Flying Pig Theatresports, and Mainstreet Theatre (Mt Gambier). 

She has extensive work experience in project management, having worked as an event manager at the Adelaide Festival and Mulderi Productions. She has produced cultural programmes for community choirs, and large-scale long-term community arts projects that attract government and philanthropic funds.


Relocating to Far North Queensland in 2002, she began working with Arts Nexus, a capacity building agency which supports the arts, cultural and creative industries. 

Since 2010, she works independently as a trainer, Communications Officer and Arts Consultant in regions that include the indigenous PBC groups with North Qld Land Council and various island communities in the Torres Strait.

Workshop  on Volunteer Management

The participants will begin by determining the kind of volunteer involvement required for an event, the reciprocal benefits, associated costs and legal issues related to the health and safety of the volunteers. 

They will also consider the factors that motivate people to volunteer for certain roles. Recruiting volunteers is a skill that requires consideration and thorough planning.

What are the rewards and incentives, resources and conditions required to retain volunteers? They are more than just a workforce, they are the vehicles for marketing and a gauge for how a project or event is executed.

Workshop on Google Everything

A dynamic and interactive workshop where participants discover the depth and breadth of the internet and how new technology is available freely and accessible. Gaining search and research skills, participants are empowered to learn how to follow leads to discover inspirational case studies, resources and links to support their project development, grants, funding opportunities, awards and exhibition opportunities.  

They will the opportunities of open source programs and ways of managing a team or a project via online programs.  “Google Everything” is a holistic workshop and embraces those with little or no computer and internet skills.

Efterpi Soropos


Efterpi Soropos is an artist and designer with a background in performing arts design.

Efterpi became passionate about creating space and artistic experiences for the dying and vulnerable after the personal experience of losing her mother to breast cancer in 1995, a process which both devastated and enlightened her. For years, her work has focused on developing interactive artworks using video, sound and colour light in non-theatrical performance spaces such as hospitals and palliative care units to guide audiences through spectrums of emotion and sensation.

Workshop on Creating Sensorial Spaces


In her practice, Efterpi develops multi-sensory engagements with the audience in order to get to know them better. 

The process involves memory, place, space, image, colour, scent and other elements that can be used to create a personal expression.

As a preliminary  task, the participants will be asked to bring something with them that they can share and talk about with others. They will then undertake different activities such as photography  in order to create a personal artwork. 

The session will be infused with music ensuring an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Greeny Francis


Greeny Francis graduated from the National School of Drama in 2016, with specialization in Design and Theatre Techniques. She went on to teach for a year at the Acting Department in Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, before moving on to producing original work. Since 2018 her work has been centered around producing and performing movement-based work.

Melissa Robertson, Efterpi Soropos & Greeny Francis at Widening Circles: Pickle Factory Season 2

16 November 2019

Workshop by Greeny Francis

Lighting Design and Stage Management

Janus Centre for Visual and Performing Arts, 10am to 1pm

Rs. 500/-

Registration link to be out soon.

28 – 29 November 2019

Workshop by Melissa Robertson

Volunteer Management

Kolkata Centre for Creativity, 11am to 2pm

Registration link to be out soon.

28 – 29 November 2019

Workshop by Melissa Robertson

Google Everything

Kolkata Centre for Creativity, 4pm to 7pm

Registration link to be out soon.

23 – 24 December 2019

Workshop by Efterpi Soropos 

Creating Sensorial Spaces

Kolkata Centre for Creativity

Registration to open soon

23 – 24 December 2019


Interaction with Efterpi Soropos 

Kolkata Centre for Creativity

Open to all

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