Kritika Dey

Kritika Dey is an Arts Manager with over 8 years’ experience, overseeing communications at the Pickle Factory Dance Foundation and the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Calcutta. The transformative power of the Arts to change conversations we have in society is the core approach which informs all the projects she undertakes. Additionally, her previous experience managing campaigns for film festivals, theatre & culture organisations, NGOs, digital agencies and more forms the rich interdisciplinary marketing approach she utilises in her work. 

The seeds for this intersectional approach to communications were sown in Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer where she also trained in Hindustani Classical music; at Miranda House, University of Delhi where she graduated with Distinction in Literature and extensively dabbled in theatre and at Goldsmith’s College, University of London where she studied a Master’s in Media & Communications and authored a Dissertation entitled Social Advocacy in the Digital Age: Social Media Usage and Implications, examining the efficacy, participation and nature of engagement of the Internet as a medium in facilitating the spread of social advocacy campaigns.

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