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Pickle Factory Season 3

A Brief about
Pickle Factory
The Pickle Factory is a hub for dance and movement practice, discourse and presentation housed in spaces repurposed for the arts in Calcutta – a space to think, meet, know, talk, imagine dance. A registered not-for-profit company, we are an artist-led unit, working with artists, audiences and support systems to build a diverse dance-curious community, connecting to larger conversations of arts and society. Since 2017 we have been creating live performance experiences in repurposed spaces. Our big dream is a permanent such arts and community focussed venue in our architecturally textured home city of Calcutta.
Currently nomadic, we have worked in a variety of spaces in the city (burnt out cinemas, rooftops, television studios, gardens, etc). With dance and movement artists from India and abroad, we have converted these into magical pop-up performance venues and experiences for audiences, redefining relationships between physical movement and physical space. Where can performance happen, what can dance and movement performance be, who can present it or partake of it, and how can we nurture these diverse and plural communities locally, nationally, and internationally? These are questions that drive us as we continue our quest for a permanent Pickle Factory home.
#TakeTheCityKolkata Pickle Factory Season 3


#TakeTheCityKolkata: Pickle Factory Season 3 marks our return to presenting live performances and gatherings after three pandemic interrupted years. Scheduled between November 2022 to February 2023, the four month season is an explosion of dance and movement work in Calcutta’s spaces and imagination, with performances, workshops, residencies, films, exhibitions, conversations, conferences, community interventions, and more – featuring artists and guests from India and abroad.

The theme of the Season reflects our need to re-enter spaces and bring people together for arts and community experiences. As artists and audiences, how can we, do we Take The City – its spaces, its imaginations, its people, its histories – responding to, reflecting and rethinking the ethos and spirit of Calcutta?

Each month of the Season responds to this provocation differently:

  • November 2022: Spaces of Community
    create an arts and community space to imagine the city’s future
  • December 2022: Spaces of Dialogue
    respond to social issues like inequality, gender, inclusion, climate change
  • January 2023: Spaces of Practice
    offer workshops for artists to develop, discover, train, and create
  • February 2023: Spaces of Performance encounter, enjoy, and engage with live
    performance over a 10-day festival

Our goal through the Season is to invite people (artists, audiences, stakeholders) to imagine with us a space that could house all this excitingly diverse activity, thought, discovery, and enjoyment every day of the year – a permanent venue that brings the arts, communities, and the city together.

Pickle Factory Dance Foundation, Calcutta is a not-for-profit
company registered under Section 8 of The Companies Act, 2013.
The company was incorporated on 12 July 2017.

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