Pickle Factory Dance Foundation, Calcutta has an ambitious and extraordinary vision – a permanent arts and community focussed venued in our architecturally textured home city, part of an international network of vital and vibrant arts spaces.

Partner with us to make this happen.

Audience at Gem Cinema for Maya Rao’s  ‘Loose Woman’  | Widening Circles:  Pickle Factory Season 2 | 2019
Image: Dr. Golam Ashraf

The Venue Rationale

Art infuses any space with life, activity, imagination and empathy. It creates an infectious and invigorating spirit that pulls people in again and again.

Since 2018, we have repurposed spaces for performance in Calcutta:

Burnt out cinemas, television studios, community fields, tram depots, rooftops, people’s living rooms, streets, underneath flyovers…

atmospheric and inspiring spaces +
imaginative artists and their art +
diverse audiences and communities +
exciting conversations and ideas

That’s the Pickle Factory mix

Here's what we have planned for our Home for Dance

Think Big and into the Future – be a Pickle Pioneer
Contact us for a chat on picklefactorycalcutta@gmail.com / @PickleFactoryIndia on Facebook and Instagram
And if you would like to contribute with anything else – time, resources, space, expertise… – please do drop us a line.

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What do we offer Pickle Pioneers? Click here.

Prefer to support the present rather than the future? Join us as Pickle Pals or Pickle Patrons.

What do we offer Pickle Pioneers?

  1. Your name on the foundation plaque of our venue once it comes up and / or a seat named after you in the theatre space
  2. Priority booking and privilege seating for all our public programmes
  3. An annual fundraising / thank you dinner with participating artists during our Season.
  4. Acknowledgments on our website and communication related to our supporters during major projects like the Season
  5. A brief quarterly email report outlining our activities, and a bi-annual report on the status of the Home for Dance
  6. An annual report and little gift at the end of the year
  7. Our heartfelt thanks for being a stakeholder in this journey of sharing the joy, energy and sensorial experience of dance with everyone

Our Compliance Status

  • Pickle Factory Dance Foundation, Calcutta is a not-for-profit company registered under Section 8 of The Companies Act, 2013 (CIN: U74999WB2017NPL221868).
  • We are registered as an NGO eligible for donations with the Indian  government with Unique NGO ID WB/2021/0292010
  • We are registered with the Ministry for Corporate Affairs for undertaking CSR activities with registration number CSR00062236.
  • Donations to Pickle Factory Dance Foundation are tax exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Pickle Factory believes dance can, does – and must – happen anywhere, with anyone, for anyone; and it can, does, and must transform everyone and everything it touches.

Experience Explore Expand
where can performance happen 
of dance and movement

who can present it or partake of it
how do we nurture these ecologies locally, nationally, and internationally

Etching new paths, experiences and socio-cultural capital into the fabric of the city, the permanent Pickle Factory venue would be an anchor around which a community, area and city come to life

cieLaroque’s ‘Rhythm and Intoxication’ | LEAP ! : Pickle Factory Season 4 | 2024 
Image: Adrija Samal