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Pickle Factory Dance Foundation – a hub for the practice, discourse and presentation of dance and movement work housed in spaces repurposed for the arts in Calcutta: a space to think, meet, know, talk, imagine dance

The Big Dream

A permanent venue for dance and movement practice in a repurposed space in the architecturally textured fabric of Calcutta. 

  • nurturing our past, our present, and many possible futures 
  • transforming our experience of both architecture and movement
  • rooted in Calcutta’s ethos of cosmopolitanism, and history of arts experimentation and engagement
  • embodying quality, pluralism, and accessibility for all

Local, national, and international in outlook, participation and reach, part of a worldwide network of vibrant and vital arts spaces.

Who we are

Why we exist

What we do

Where we live

What we wish to be


Our Location

Flat 105
8, Sultan Alam Road
Calcutta – 700033
West Bengal

Mail Id: contact.picklefactory@gmail.com

Phone Number: +91 98308 85010

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