Pickle Factory is rooted in Calcutta/

–  a city with a strong cultural and socio-political history
–  a true confluence of cultures, a unique pastiche of meeting and morphing peoples, times and traditions
–  historically a centre for arts experimentation
–  a reputation for dealing in the currency of ideas and imagination
–  home to a large population of artists and audiences hungry for art



Since we launched with our first Season in February-March 2018, we have housed our programmes in spaces repurposed for the arts in Calcutta, always asking both artists and audiences to imagine with us what and where a performance space could be. Burnt-out and defunct cinemas, television studios, rooftop spaces, public streets and gardens and blackboxes . . . we have transformed each of these into magical performance spaces along with artists we have presented from India and across the world. In inhabiting these temporary venues, we have infused them with new energies, bringing together atmospheric and inspiring spaces, imaginative arts and artists, diverse audiences and communities, and exciting conversations and ideas.

Through all this, we also etch new paths, experiences and socio-cultural capital into the fabric and landscape of the city. We hope that the permanent Pickle Factory venue will be an anchor around which a community, area and city comes to life – part of an international network of vital and vibrant arts spaces.