A series of cross-genrational conversations
between women dancers of Calcutta

24 – 31 March 2021

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We’ve always wanted to acquaint ourselves with and understand the movement makers and dancers of our own city better: Who are they? How do they shape dance, how are they shaped by dance? Do their stories intersect with those of the city? And thus we rounded this year off with A Dance of My Own – a series of short insightful conversations to mark Women’s History Month. 16 women dancers in 8 cross-generational pairs talked about their experiences on and off the stage, their abiding questions around dance and life, and untold stories close to their heart.

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“I use a lot of ritualistic practices in my (Manipuri) dances… from harvest traditions to others. And I have been questioned on it and told that I should not. But there is no ritual that is so severely sacrosanct that you cannot choreograph it keeping the essence in place . . . .”

Bimbavati Devi in conversation with Vandana Alase Hazra

“We need to make people aware that pursuing dance as a profession is not just a hobby or something that’s done on the side… but is our bread
and butter in many cases. This is a big challenge that I still face”

Kaberi Sen in conversation with Debarima Chakraborty

Shashwati Garai Ghosh in conversation with Tanusree Sankar

Debashree Bhattacharya in conversation with Kankana Singh

Jhuma Basak in conversation with Polly Guha

Paramita Saha in conversation with Aishika Chakraborty

Bimbavati Devi in conversation with Vandana Alase Hazra

Kaberi Sen in conversation with Debarima Chakraborty

Sohini Debnath in conversation with Priti Patel

Priyadarshini Ghosh in conversation with Sourami Mukherjee

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