Antigone, Interrupted | Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee 
India Tour – 2 to 15 December 2023 | Calcutta dates – 2 & 3 December 2023

Scottish Dance Theatre returns to India with Antigone, Interrupted in December 2023. The tour begins in Calcutta with Pickle Factory Dance Foundation on 2 and 3 December. The company then moves on to National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai; Shoonya, Bangalore; Nrityagram, Karnataka; and Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa. 

In Calcutta, the company will offer a community workshop, engage in a conversation about their history and work, and present a performance of Antigone, Interrupted.

2 Dec ‘23 | Community workshop with Sappho for Equality

Inspired by the company’s acclaimed production Antigone, Interrupted, this creative dance workshop by Scottish Dance Theatre is for persons assigned gender female at birth, non-binary persons and female identifying persons. The session is open to participants of different ages, abilities and levels of dance experience (no professional experience required). All you need is a desire to connect with your body and get creative!

This workshop will be led by dancer Solène Weinachter and Rehearsal Director Katye Coe. It will include a physical and vocal warm-up before diving into some of the themes of the work, exploring how the body can be a site of oppression but also a tool for resistance and civil disobedience. These sessions focus on learning, enjoyment and connection.

Glenburn talk poster

2 Dec ‘23 | Artist Diaries Edition 1.1 @ Glenburn Penthouse

Solène Weinachter is Scottish Dance Theatre’s Associate Artist and an internationally acclaimed performer.
Katye Coe is Scottish Dance Theatre’s Rehearsal Director and works as a dancer, teacher, mentor and facilitator.

Solène and Katye will talk about their work with Scottish Dance Theatre, and the company’s history, from a humble grassroots community project to Scotland’s flagship contemporary dance company. Solène will share the inspiration sources and creation process behind Antigone, Interrupted, the company’s hit production touring India this December, and open a discussion around how artists’ concerns about our contemporary world inform the art works that they make.

The Glenburn Penthouse
Kanak Towers
7A Russel Street
Calcutta – 700071

3 Dec ‘23 | Performance – Antigone, Interrupted

Antigone, Interrupted premieres its India Tour in Calcutta, after receiving critical acclaim from around the world. 

Using a mixture of dance, theatre and storytelling, this production re-imagines the Greek tragedy of Antigone for contemporary audiences.

Choreographer Joan Clevillé and performer Solène Weinachter have created this intimate solo work exploring the strength and vulnerability of the body as a tool for resistance and civil disobedience, the piece follows the story of a young woman who disobeys the law and puts her body on the line to defend what she thinks is right. The work examines the value of dissent in contemporary democracy and how the body (and in particular the female body) can be the target of oppression but also a powerful tool for challenging social injustice.

Dalhousie Institute (badminton courts)
42, Jhowtala Road
Park Circus
Calcutta – 700019
Come half an hour earlier and enjoy food from the DI foodcourt!
No late entry for this performance. Sorry!

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