Passing Through

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The months of closure and stillness in 2020 forced us as performing artists to pause and reflect. Reflect on whether our worlds will be whole again, whether we will meet our other half: the audience, soon. These unresolved questions continued to simmer and we signified these through one small element on the dancers’ bodies being askew: a hair accessory gone loose, jewellery missing, smudged makeup.

What was the
Project ? 25410

As we trudged along towards the end of 2020 and things around us were opening up slightly, our partner and collaborator, Paramita Saha wanted to explore this tentative return to public space. She invited Pickle Factory to collaborate on a dance intervention titled Passing Through – where 12 classical dancers from various disciplines came together and danced through a by-lane of the city… posing an interruption in the daily lives of onlookers and passersby. An intervention trying to ascertain whether their presence as artists mattered at all. It was both a celebration of liveness, and a poignant reminder of live encounters lost. The air buzzed with curiosity, and surprised delight, and also thought provoking visual collision of dancer and the street. It was a fleeting moment where performer and impromptu audience exchanged that ephemeral moment of connection that had slumberd this long year.

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