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Pickle Factory has been activating myriad spaces in the city and reimagining how an infusion of creative energies could revitalise it, and this time we trained our sights on the mighty River Ganga that flows through the city, flanked by beautiful and expansive ghats.

What was the
Project ? 25410

Kult X organised a 3 day River Festival from 17-20 February, 2022 which was a series of short pop-up performances at Champatala & Ahiritola Ghats. Pickle Factory was asked to imagine Day 1 at Champatala Ghat by bringing in a performative element that lent it a new dimension and experience.

For the first day, Bharatnatyam artist Guru Rajdeep Banerjee and his troupe ‘Parampara’ performed a contemporised neo-classical form of the dance as an invocation to the River Ganga. The second day witnessed a blend of Baul music, Kabir’s songs and folk music by the duo, Shayan Sinha & Amit Kumar Dey. The next day was a street theatre performance at Ahiritola Launch Ghat titled ‘Chandu ban gya gentleman’ directed by Harsh Sharma and performed by Mridang Theatre Group. The festival culminated with a film screening called ‘The Dying Ghats of Calcutta’ by Poulomee & Atreyee followed by a panel discussion.

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