journal by Writwick Gupta

I wake up in the morning to learn something new. And that led me to enter the doors of Myi studio. An aesthetic, cozy and happening space where I got to meet happy souls led by Preethi. It all started with taking small steps focusing our movement and awareness of our surroundings. Happy faces, Myi logo, bricks, calm vibe, Vikram sitting at the back side sometimes with a smiling face sometimes serious. We were taking steps with the beat of the sound, warning up, making number tables, clapping. I was thinking continuously what am I doing – a little bit confused but it is better no to think too much and just go with the flow and be in the present not thinking about the result but enjoying the journey. Initially I was unable to understand what is happening, but it is just the first day absorbing every moment. Once I missed the step, Preethi who is very calm and composed helped me to do the step in the right way. After having black coffee we headed to Belgachia tram depot. Oh boy – What a place!!!! One should visit the place whoever is in Kolkata. The discarded trams were sleeping peacefully and happily retired after providing service to the people for several years. The place portrays old Kolkata charm and is full of elements – an amazing place to do performing art. It’s just there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Looking forward to more surprises in the coming days.

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