Re-imagining of ‘Rasa-Bala-Buddhi’

Aseng Borang
Preethi Athreya

In this conversation with Spaces for Practice curator Vikram Iyengar, Piyal Bhattacharya explains how the aim and structure of this workshop is very different from what he has attempted before. He speaks about preconceptions of technique and tradition, and the need to question and develop a personal and evolving relationship with a shastra rather than a received and taught relationship. In the process, the conversation journeys through diverse layers of performative philosophies and practices, touching on fundamental questions of ethics, hierarchies, and habits that we need to re-assess as performance practitioners.

Piyal and our workshop participants have penned down their thoughts, musings and experiences during the workshop in their journals. Read on to get a peek at their practice. 


journal by Debashree Bhattacharya

In Piyal Bhattacharya’s workshop a space was created for me to enter, understand, re-view and reflect. Over the years with sound training in different classical disciplines Piyal Bhattacharya, delved deep into Natya Shastra and Indian philosophy and with  deep study, research, analysis and examination, contributed to the Shastras and made  it his OWN. The workshop […]

journal by Indudipa Sinha

In our present practice of Indian classical dance, training and education are two different concepts in reality. This 4days workshop conducted by Sri Piyal Bhattacharya & assisted by Sri Sayak Mitra, was really an eye-opener to our regular approach to practice & performance. Very effectively, I received some pivotal lesson, which had extensive input in […]

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