journal by Indudipa Sinha

In our present practice of Indian classical dance, training and education are two different concepts in reality. This 4days workshop conducted by Sri Piyal Bhattacharya & assisted by Sri Sayak Mitra, was really an eye-opener to our regular approach to practice & performance. Very effectively, I received some pivotal lesson, which had extensive input in my own performance practice, from both training & education point of view.

Certain points emerged from the workshop:

*How to review, revisit, reframe, reconnect and finally reconstruct our conventional way of performance practice

*How to extend our performative horizon without being disconnected from our roots of practice

*How to find our true performative self in reference to a specific and/or generalised performance scene

*How to construct & deconstruct the available elements of performance

*How to bridge between a performer’s own self, performer’s body, other bodies/object/architecture in the performance space and the space itself

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